As a bakery we can offer fresh fruit tarts which are normally strawberry and mixed fruit selection of cakes also Bread pudding, caramel slice, cup-cakes, pecan pastry, cheese twists, fresh cream cakes, pizza, Eccles, donuts, Victoria buns, scones, Belgium buns, eclairs, carrot cakes, fruit or plain flap jack, muffins, crumbles and short bread.

We can also offer tray bakes, caramel slice, bread pudding, carrot cake or flap jack

Would you like to see some samples? – We would be happy to pop around with a sample if required, just contact us on 023 8000 2147


Hog Roast – we supply rolls to various hog roast companies so can offer the service if required to individuals and company at a very competitive rate for you.


We can supply Expresso coffee which will be freshly made and decanted to a thermal jug, with this hot milk will also be supplied.
These hold approximately ten cups and are free of charge if required

We have recently catered for 260 people which was very successful so we are keen to be challenged!